Da, Tovarish

by Tovarish

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Self-released in 2009. Re-released in 2010 through Beneath the Fog Productions. Original pressings are now out of print.

Album download includes .jpg images of the CD artwork from the Beneath the Fog release.

Reviews of this album:

“While some people spend years chasing after the thin ‘true’ sound to give their music character, Tovarish instead wins you over with an eclectic array of samples and impressive sound mix. Combine this with soul-crushing guitar chords played at < 30 BPM and some classical instrumentation and you've got absolute despair in audio form.”
• Dracolord, Transylvanian Forest (January, 2011)

“The atmosphere created here is so vast, so depressive, cold and hopeless…you really get into and understand the horrors of the communist regime.”
• Adrian, Pest (February, 2010).

“‘Da Tovarish’ is at its very root, evil fucking black metal! And I like it… A mood altering collection of darkened notes, hellish screams of agony, and muddy distortion, set to shift your perception of all things everyday until you’re filled with a murderous rage that cannot be contained.”
• Typhon, E-MetalSpace (October, 2009).

“Like that primordial molecule, which gave birth to this fucking cosmos, every note on this album contains many different weapons of hateful emotions which all bathe in a bloody, belligerent and strange atmosphere.”
• Goebbels, Sombre Arcane (August, 2009).


released March 20, 2010



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Tovarish Providence, Rhode Island

Based in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) and combining dark ambient electronics, metal guitars and excruciatingly inhuman vocals, Tovarish explore themes such as bio-terrorism, man-made disasters and paranoia. Glacially-paced, cold, and depressive, their music challenges listeners with dense, aleatory textures offering only fleeting respite in brief moments of coherent rhythm and melody. ... more


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